Girls’ Equal Right to Education in a global context, with a focus on Pakistan


The right to education is a core human right. It shouldbe free and compulsory for every child; every child should have access to primary, secondary and highereducation. This is affirmed in international human rightsagreements, including the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the International Covenant on Economical,Social and Cultural Rights. The situation in Pakistan exemplifies the complexproblems involved with the implementation of theright to education for girls. This Report highlights possible improvements to achieve gender equality in education, with a particular focus on the right of girls to education. This Report first outlines the legal frameworkunderpinning the right of girls to education (Section2). The legal framework alone is not able to enhancegirls’ education at all levels, and therefore the Reportelaborates on the right to education in practice (Section3), and identifies the main factors limiting girls’ accessto education. These are placed in a country-specific context, considering girls’ access to education in Pakistan(Section 4). The Report concludes withrecommendations aimed at ensuring that the right of girlsto education is realised and fulfilled.


Maryse Hazelzet



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Department of Child Law, Law School, Leiden University

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