Violence against women in Pakistan: Evidence from Punjab


This study investigates violence against women in the Pakistani Punjab. We foundwomen have to face multiple forms of violence in patriarchal society. This study tries to identify the obstacles faced by women and hopes to increase the awareness about different kinds of violence. We develop a framework for analyzing violence against women. This framework uses socio-economic, political and cultural systems to analyze the core issues related to VAW. This study is based on primary data gathered through dissemination of a questionnaire based on household surveyswhich covered a total of 2880 community women. There were 1593 urban and 1287 rural women from four districts of the Punjab: Jhang, Lodhran, Pakpattan and Sialkot. A well-structured questionnaire was administrated by the researchers which had different sections: a) Demographic profile of the respondents, b) modes of domestic violence, c) severity of domestic violence, d) perceptions regarding socio-cultural attitudes to violence, e) factors associated with domestic violence. This study strengthens our framework and provides a simple but brief overall scenario of violence against women in Pakistan. This study hopes to influence decision and policy makers to understand the different forms of violence against women and helpbring about improvements in women’s lives.


Rabia Manzoor, Muhammad Abdul Rahman, Mehreen Bano



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Sustainable Development Policy Institute Islamabad, Pakistan.

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