Social Transfers and Child Protection


The paper assesses the available evidence on the potential effects of social transfers on child protection outcomes in low- and middle-income countries:  the negative outcomes or damaging exposure of children to violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect, and improved outcomes or a reduction in exposure to these phenomena. The study identifies and evaluates three possible channels through which social transfers can influence child protection outcomes: direct effects observed where the objectives of social transfers are explicit chid protection outcomes; indirect effects where the impact of social transfers on poverty and exclusion leads to improved child protection outcomes; and potential synergies in implementation of social transfers and child protection. It also discusses how the design and implementation of social transfers can contribute to improved child protection outcomes.  


Armando Barrientos, Jasmina Byrne, Juan Miguel Villa, Paola Peña



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UNICEF Office of Research  Piazza SS. Annunziata, 12 50122 Florence, Italy 

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