Socio-Epidemiological co-relates of age at marriage: A Comparative Study From West Bengal


  Background: A substantial proportion of marriages continue to take place when the girl is below18 years of age in different states of India especially in rural area. Different socio-epidemiological factors are influencing the age at marriage of women. So this study was conducted to assess the current status of early marriage and teenage pregnancy and also to compare influence of socio-epidemiological co-relates over such situation in Howrah and PaschimMidnapur districts of West Bengal. Materials& Methods: A total of 4000 eligible couples were selected by stratified multistage random sampling from two districts of West Bengal. Data were collected by interview technique from the female member of the eligible couples by house to house survey and was analyzed both manually and by computer using EPI-INFO. Results: In both districts more than half of the women were married below 18 years. But it was significantly higher in PaschimMidnapur (rural-58.8%, urban-61.8%) than Howrah (rural-54.5%, urban-56.8%).The intra district rural-urban variation was minimum. In both districts marriage below 18 years was higher among Muslims and among women with lower educational and social status. The differences were statistically significant. The range of teenage pregnancy varied from 60% to68.8% among other religion to Muslim in Howrah district where as it was varied from 50% to 71.1% in PaschimMidnapur.


Dr. Anima Haldar



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Faculty Members of Department of Community Medicine, Midnapur Medical Collage, Paschim Midnapur  

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