Child marriage in the context of the HIV epidemic


As the HIV epidemic has matured, in many settings it has become a disease of young women. In sub- Saharan Africa, 75 percent of the 6.2 million young people aged 15–24 living with HIV are female (UNAIDS 2004). At the same time, child marriage,1 though on the decline, per- sists. In parts of Africa, large numbers of girls are at risk of child marriage, and many millions of young wives were mar- ried as children. To better understand these twin phenomena—child mar- riage and the HIV epidemic—the Population Council adopted a multi-level approach. One level of investigation examines the effect of child marriage on the epidemic, including on rates of HIV infection among women and girls. A second level of inves- tigation seeks to mitigate the significant risks to girls’ well- being and safety that arise from child marriage, and to under- stand the distinctive risks it brings within the context of the HIV epidemic.

Transitions to adulthood, Brief no. 11 Updated September 2007.

Judith Bruce



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