Girls’ Education-A right to learn


    The report gives a broad overview on the present state of girls’ education globally and many of the projects and campaigns going on around it. It shows that whilst progress towards Millennium Development Goal 2 (access to primary education for every child) has been made, a great deal of work still remains to deliver quality, equity and real learning for all.Of a total 61 million children worldwide who receive no primary schooling at all, 32 million are girls; among secondary grade level the ratio of girls to boys out of school is greater. For those who do enroll in school, many have their education cut short, leaving them with reduced literacy, skills and opportunity for personal development. What’s more, millions of girls are denied a quality education through factors that only affect young females, such as child marriage, poor access to sanitary facilities, and violence and intimidation simply for going to school.  


Susan Smalley, Phd



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Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at the University of California, Los Angeles

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