Incidence of early pregnancy and self reported gynaecological symptoms among tribal community in India.


  Tribal women in India experience sexual debut as married adolescents. Moreover, large surveys have found that almost half of all tribal women aged 20–24 are married by age 16 in India. High level of poverty, inadequate health resources, ignorance and high-risk beliefs and practices among the tribal communities has contributed to the vulnerability of this population. Through this study authors have tried to analyse the influencing factors and risks to young tribal women’s reproductive health. A total of 2,527 currently married tribal women aged 15-24, were selected from various States and Union Territories of India to examine the association between early pregnancies and self-reported gynecological symptoms. The study result indicates that early marriages and early births are common in the tribal community. A significant proportion of young tribal women had experienced any one of the self-reported gynecological symptom and the data have established a base link pregnancy among young women and reproductive health consequences. Hence, appropriate/alternate strategies should be taken to reduce the early pregnancies in the tribal population and to strengthen the existing maternal care service packages.





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