Child Marriage as a Health Issue – Nepal Case Study


  Child marriage is recognized globally as a public health problem and it has been reflected in many international legal instruments. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights specifies that individuals must enter marriage freely with full consent and must be at full age. Despite all these instruments and the general consensus, in Nepal early marriage remains a persistent problem that affects children, especially girls, on an enormous scale. According to the Central Child Welfare, as many as 34 per cent of all new marriages in Nepal involve children under the age of 15. In some areas, especially in southern Terai districts neighboring with India, the numbers can be even more alarming. In Rupandehi district alone, over half of marriages involve girls under the age of 12 and 89.5 per cent of girls are married before they reach 18 (Extract).


Aleksandra Perczynska, Her Turn Program Coordinator; Daniel Coyle



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