Human Rights and declining sex-ratio


  In India, right from her birth, a girl child is treated by the society, including her parents as a burden because of various traditional beliefs and misconceptions of the society. The reaction of the family members is different towards the girl’s rights right from the birth. Often, the girl is born and brought up in an atmosphere where the family would have rather preferred a boy in her place. This attitude of acceptance to large extent affects her existence. Those who survive are also discriminated against and neglected in numerous ways. Son preference has been one of the most evident manifestations of patriarchal society. In the paper both primary and secondary data were used. The present paper is an attempt to understand the socio-cultural factors that have traditionally undervalued daughters compared to sons and how all these practices violates many rights of these innocent girls and foetuses in Kathua district of Jammu (Jammu and Kashmir).


Asha Rani



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Department of sociology, University of Jammu

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