Ending Child marriage and meeting the needs of married children: The USAID vision for action


Child marriage is a human rights violation and a practice that undermines efforts to promote sustainable development. In the last decade, child marriage has affected 58 million girls, many of whom were married against their will and in violation of international laws and conventions’ Early marriage stifles boys’ and girls’ abilities to succeed and grow into empowered men and women able to better themselves, their families, and their communities. The report also states that more than 50 million girls and boys who are already married and have limited access to education, reproductive and other health services, and economic opportunities. The authors recommend that efforts to end child marriage require a collaborative approach and USAID is working in partnership with international organizations and the private sector while concurrently supporting the voices of change agents at the national, local, and community levels seeking to change attitudes and motivations that perpetuate the practice of child marriage.

http://transition.usaid.gov/our_work/cross- cutting_programs/wid/ Ending_Child_Marriage_2012.pdf

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