Education and Girl Children in Puducherry Region: Problems and Perspective


Education is the basic requirement for human development and right to education is a fundamental human right. Educated girls had benefits at the personal, community and social levels that make it one of the most important investments that any developing country can make. Several decades of research have demonstrated that educated girls become more effective, mothers who have higher survival rates among their children, because they have better nutrition and health practices. The gender gap in education can be understood only in the wider context of female disadvantage in India. Puducherry has made impressive strides in girl’s education. However, girl’s educational access is still limited and the problems of illiteracy, non-enrolment, low level of educational attainment, high dropout rate slow and staggering progress of the enrolled though school and differential access to educations by gender, caste, etc., To conclude, most of the Indian studies on sex show parents preferences is highlighted in majority on sons that daughters. Thus it has been observed from the study that, girl children are facing lot of problems like child marriage, child labour, child abuse and child prostitution, and also they are discriminating in health, education, family functions etc, so various research studies about girls education and gender discriminations helped to proceed the problems facing the girls children within the house and society. The purposive sampling method was used in this study.

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L Sivakumar, M Anitha, Centre for Women's Studies, Pondicherry University



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