Gender Inequalities and Poor Health Outcomes A Need of Priority for the National Health in Pakistan: Research Agenda


The United Nations Millennium Development Goals report 2011 has prioritized the goal for promoting gender equality and women empowerment but targets are far from its reach, especially in South Asia. Pakistan is challenged with gender inequalities, and despite efforts there is a wide gap between males and females in terms of employment opportunities, paid work, access to health services and health outcomes in Pakistan. The gender inequality has deep roots in Pakistani society. Culturally, women are at a disadvantage from birth and are subject to discrimination during their entire life course in Pakistan, while men are perceived economic and social utility. This gender preference can be assessed by unbalanced gender ratio (91 women for every 100 men) in Pakistan, when compared with industrialized countries. (Extract)


Muazzam Nasrullah and Junaid A. Bhatti



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