Child Marriages in Madhya Pradesh An Incessant Infringement of Rights


  The present report is one of the efforts of the Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission undertaken in collaboration with PAIRVI. The report is a result of a rapid assessment of child marriage in three districts of the state namely Gwalior, Bhind and Morena. The process interacted with a range of stakeholders from children to parents, from service providers to government officials, and from NGOs to experts and academics. The study is based on systematic methodology and qualitative research design. Since the study is a rapid assessment of the status of child marriages it does not claim to produce an exhaustive account of the child marriages in the state. However, it presents a glimpse to the child marriage situation in Madhya Pradesh highlighting major concerns, identifying gaps in the current policies and programmes and suggesting focus areas for future interventions. It indicates the need for a more detailed exercise to establish the extent and magnitude of child marriage in Madhya Pradesh and local and unique factors perpetuating and sustaining it.


Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission



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