How to use

Accessing Knowledge Hub Documents

The Knowledge Hub (Khub) Portal document repository can be accessed by clicking on various Themes under the Theme tab on the left pane. All the documents on KHub portal are categorised under following themes:

  • Law and Policies

  • Programs/Schemes/Guidelines and Manuals

  • Child Marriage and Education

  • Child Marriage and Health

  • Child Marriage and Socio-economic aspects


Clicking on any of the above Themes brings one to the links leading to next categorisation of documents i.e.


  • Analysis Reports

  • Technical Publications

  • Scientific Publications


The document links of the selected Theme are listed by clicking on any of the above options. The total number of documents in the particular category is also displayed at the bottom of the document list. A total of 15 document titles and links are displayed on the first page. In case the number of documents is more than 15 in a particular category, the page links of page 2, 3 and so on are listed to move to the subsequent pages.


Clicking on a particular document title brings up the document summary detailing:


  • Abstract

  • Source

  • Author

  • Country

  • Contact Details

  • Year of Publication


Clicking on the Source hyperlink opens the document in a new window. The user also has the option of saving the document in the local machine.


Statistical Information documents can also be accessed in a similar manner by clicking on the Statistical Information link.


The documents specific to the States of Bihar and UP can be accessed by clicking on the State icons in the State specific block on the right hand panel of Home Page.



Using Search



KHub portal provides a powerful search option, quite similar to the Google search. The user can search for a particular word, a set of words, a complete sentence in the document repository of KHub. All the documents fulfilling the search criteria are displayed along with a small description with hyperlinks to enable the user to reach the specific document by clicking on the desired result.



Using Advanced Search


Advanced search option is a filter based search providing the user to search a set of document fulfilling the ser specific criteria. The user has the option to search the documents based on the following parameters:


  • Theme

  • Document Type

  • Year

  • Global/India


The user can apply single/multiple filters like “All Law and Policy documents published in 2001” by selecting “Law and Policy” from Theme drop down and Year 2001 from Year drop down.


The user can open any of the filtered document by clicking on the relevant document.


The selected filter(s) can be cleared by clicking on “Clear all Filters” link on top left of the table.



Using Thesaurus



KHub Thesaurus uses the cross reference of Parent Keyword and the associated keyword appearing in the KHub documents. The parent key words in the KHub Thesaurus are:


  • Sexual and Reproductive Health

  • Empowerment

  • Human Rights

  • Violence

  • Social Norms


Clicking on any of the Parent Keyword takes us to the Thesaurus list detailing various keywords along with the number of documents containing that particular keyword indicated in brackets along with the keyword. Clicking on the keyword displays the list of the documents along with a summary. Clicking in any of the document would lead the user to the document abstract page detailing the document. The user can open and access the document from this page by clicking on the Source hyperlink.