Adolescent Motherhood: Problems and Consequences


  Early marriages are associated with a number of health problems for the girl: early sexual activity leads to early, pregnancy at a time when she is not biologically mature to rear the foetus. As such, a pregnant woman in her teens runs a high risk of abortion. The reproductive behaviour of an adolescent woman is also affected by the attitude and behaviour of her parents, kin and the society at large, towards childbearing   In order to provide better health and family planning services to adolescents, it is necessary to understand the spatial distribution of adolescent marriages and motherhood and their consequences. Therefore, an attempt has been made in this paper to examine the magnitude of the problem in terms of marriage and motherhood among adolescent girls and the consequences in terms of child survival and maternal mortality Findings of the study suggest that if married adolescent girls can be better educated about family planning method and can be motivated to adopt the small family norm by postponing the birth of the first child and properly spacing birth, both infant and maternal mortality rates can be significantly reduced.  


Pathak, K.B.; Ram



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The Journal of Family Welfare

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