The Empowerment of Women from the Excluded Communities in Bihar: A Documentation of the Nari Gunjan Model


  The main objective of this study is to document the Nari Gunjan (a grass root level organization) model that is successfully operating learning centers at 50 different villages in Patna district for the Musahars, a deprived social group among the Schedule Castes in Bihar. Thus the case study aims to answer a few key research questions and examine NG’s programmes, strategies and outcomes. The methodologies used in order to answer these questions are primarily based on focus group discussions and semi structured interviews. Some other PRA techniques were also used. In addition to this, students, other stakeholders such as teachers, parents and villagers were also interviewed for the study. However, the study is limited by a small sample size and the use of non-randomized convenience samples. Thus one must be cautious in drawing any generalizations from this study. The findings suggest that girls from the community acquired better practices and also served as active disseminators of the knowledge they gained at NG. The increase in community awareness of the importance of girls’ education and other issues leading to their well being and the girls’ self perception of their well being were some of the major impacts of the programme.





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