Early marriage and sexual and reproductive health risks: Experiences of young women and men in Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, India.


  This report is the result of an exploratory study of married young women and men in Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh with regard to their situation and vulnerability to HIV and other adverse sexual and reproductive health outcomes.   Study participants included married young women aged 15–24 and married young men aged 15–29. A total of 3,087 young women and 2,622 young men were interviewed using a structured questionnaire.   Findings of this study show that married youth are a particularly vulnerable group that is in need of multi-pronged programmatic attention that addresses not only their own risk behaviours, but also the likely factors contributing to these risks. These programme efforts need to focus not only on married young people themselves but also their families, the community and health care providers who also play a significant role in enabling married youth to make informed, safe and wanted sexual and reproductive health choices.  


Santhya, K.G., S.J. Jejeebhoy and S. Ghosh



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