Child Marriage in Rajasthan


  This study was conducted in the impoverished communities of Doroli of Alwar district and the Kathaputali colony, a slum area of Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. Both areas are relatively well educated, although illiteracy is higher among women. Despite the legally permitted age of 18, there were many child marriages in both places in past years. Among women over 19 today there were a few infant marriages (below 5 years of age), but the majority of the marriages took place when the women were between 6-11 and 12-15. The number of marriage below the age of 15 in Doroli village was 502 (80.6 percent) and in the Katha putali Colony it was 177 (72.5 percent).  


Swaroop Rani Dubey and Bhagwant Rao Dubey



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Institute of Demographic and Development Studies, Rajasthan, India

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