Transition to marriage and parenthood among youth in Bihar


  This policy brief documents the magnitude of early marriage and early childbearing in Bihar and sheds light on young people’s involvement in marriage related planning and preparedness for married life, and the nature of married life. Data are drawn from the Youth in India: Situation and Needs study, a sub-nationally representative study undertaken for the first time in India of key transitions experienced by young people in six states of India. The study included a representative survey of young people in both rural and urban settings. Findings underscore that child marriage continues to characterize the lives of young women and men in the state. Of those aged 20–24, almost half of young women (46%) were married before age15, more than three-quarters (77%) before age 18 and almost nine in ten (87%) before age 20. Young women in rural areas were almost three times as likely as urban young women to be married before age 15 (50% compared to 17%) and almost twice as likely to be married before age 18 (82% compared to 45%).


Population Council, IIPS



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