Solution Exchange for the Gender Community Discussion Summary: Good Practices against Child Marriage


  Child marriage is a violation of child rights, whether it happens to a girl or a boy, as it denies the basic rights to health, nutrition, and education, freedom from violence, abuse and exploitation. It deprives the child of his/her childhood. Despite legislation forbidding child marriage in India since 1929 (Child Marriage Restraint Act), the adoption of the much more progressive Prohibition of Child Marriage Act in 2006 and the existence of many initiatives to prevent child marriage, marrying children off at a very tender age continues to be accepted – as a social norm - by large sections of society. This report is a compendium which includes some examples of good practices on delaying the age at marriage and insights/analysis on why certain initiatives work/have worked; and the challenges, which hinder the success of initiatives to delay the age at marriage as shared by the Gender Community members (Extract).  





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