Special Financial Incentive Scheme for the girl child in India


  Introduction of the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) mechanism is a marked departure from the traditional approaches in social programming. Through provision of financial incentives to poor families following the fulfillment of certain verifiable conditions, CCTs seek to provide short-term income support and at the same time promote long -term behavioural change. Through a desk-review and interaction with government officials and NGOs, this study examines operational aspects of fifteen selected girl child promotion schemes across the states and gathers first impressions regarding the performance of these schemes.   Study findings point to the need to simplify the eligibility criteria and conditionalities, and also the procedures of registration under each of these schemes. The study discovered that the promise of cash transfers provided a sense of security and instilled a sense of confidence in these families to invest in their girls.  


T.V. Sheker



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IIPS, Mumbai

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