About Knowledge Hub on Child Marriage

The Knowledge Hub (KHub) is a web-portal exclusively on child marriage, designed to cater to growing need for evidence-based approaches on prevention of child marriages in India and neighboring countries. It provides an easy access to authentic resources for strengthening the policy and programmatic environment on the issue at the state and national levels as well as their implementation at grassroots. KHub is the process of GEPP - Getting Evidence into Policy and Practice. The concept of KHub is not only to build a repository of existing knowledge on current status but also to create new knowledge/ evidences that will demystify the immense base of strategic and technical knowledge that exists already.

All those who, directly or indirectly, work on, or for, the issue of prevention of child marriage or with the social change, health and development would find K-hub useful. This portal will be particularly useful for:
·         Government bodies
·         Non-governmental and community-based organizations
·         Commissions like Minority Commission, Dalit Missions etc.
·         Researchers
·         Media (print and electronic)
Khub will also respond to the growing need among policy makers and programme managers for an information system that will provide comprehensive inputs required to improve national programmes and support policy development on the subject. 
Lastly, policymakers/ program planners and community will be benefited to get the evidences (complied information/ data and policy and program analysis reports) to better design or formulate the policy and program to delay age of marriage. The community mobilization efforts, coupled with policies and programmes that prohibit child marriage, would contribute significantly in achieving the desired goal of the   Governments and donors to end the practice of early marriages.